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Takaoyama Awasedo

Takaoyama Awasedo

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Size (mm) / Weight

 210x80x51 / 2,032g


Hardness / Fineness: 3+ / 5-

This stone lives up to the mine's lofty reputation for soft yet fine awasedo. While not soft in the same way that a soft synthetic would be, it will generate light mud without a plate or nagura - very unusual for a stone of this refinement. It also cuts more quickly than many comparable stones and has less glassy feedback as well. For kasumi work, this stone will leave a very clean finish that has more contrast than stone similarly fine but will be less capable of bringing out very subtle detail. It excels at leaving a beautiful fine finish on hardened steel. This stone has my highest recommendation for honyaki or polishing of very hard carbon steels. Edges are perfect for finer kitchen use. Suitable for razors and tools as well. The entire stone is exceptionally clean. 

Aesthetics & Other Notes

This stone is gorgeous showing colors of deep purple, dark greens, yellow, and burgundy. There is a defined color shift from red / yellow dominant in the top to purple in the bottom. There are absolutely no lines or inclusions visible in the entire stone. 

Takao ( 高雄, Takaoyama)

A Kyoto area mine less well known in the West but highly valued in Japan for awasedo that are softer than stones of comparable fineness from other mines.

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