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Takashima Karasu with tomo nagura / travel hone

Takashima Karasu with tomo nagura / travel hone

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Size (mm) / Weight

219x81x37 / 1,745g

180x49x25 / 524g


Hardness / Fineness: 5 / 5+

This stone is very hard and extremely fine. It is an exceptional finishing stone for uraoshi, razors, and tools. This stone is too fine for most sharpening applications for kitchen knives. While stones like this are often not suited for kasumi polishing, this stone works in that role nicely as an ultra-finisher. The finish will be extremely bright and detailed with a strong natural mirror effect. It will not grab or tear at soft cladding. 

I am extremely pleased to offer a tomo nagura / small companion hone! These stones are identical in every way except size. You can use the smaller piece as a luxury sized tomo nagura to generate very fine slurry. While the surface is slightly domed currently, it is also large enough to easily serve as a smaller travel sized hone if the surface is prepped accordingly. 

Aesthetics & Other Notes

This stone has an earthy green base color with karasu throughout. It looks as thought he karasu will be more dense as you work through the layers. It is exceptionally clean with no inclusions. The tomo nagura is also very high quality with no toxic lines.

These stones are sealed.

I originally sold the stone to a good customer who ended up finding a stone that was a better fit for his exact needs and repurchased the stone. 

Takashima ( 高島)

This Eastern mine is well known for its finishing stones. In general, these stones are very fine, consistent, and often slightly softer than comparable grit stones from other mines. 

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