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Tajima Koppa

Tajima Koppa

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Size (mm) / Weight

200x62x10 / 320g


Hardness / Fineness: 4+ / 3

Tajima is lesser known than other midgrits - Aizu, Natsuya, etc. - but is no less stellar. These stones are hard yet fast finishing as fine or finer than Aizu. For polishing this means a visible, but consistent, bright mirror core with detailed cladding. The edges these stones give kitchen knives is ideal for most kitchen use - toothy and aggressive without feeling like a saw. These stones are also great for early in a progression with razors or carpentry tools. 

Aesthetics & Other Notes

This stone displays classic Tajima characteristics such as pale blue / grey coloring with green and black speckling throughout. While compact in size, the relative hardness and good overall shape of this stone make it a practical nakato that should provide years and years of sharpening or polishing for most users. 

The stone is not sealed. If you would like a wooden base for this stone just email after your order and we can add one to your order for a modest price.

Tajima ( 但馬砥)

This mine was not located in the Kyoto area. It was mined frequently prior to the early 1940s when a mining accident caused the original mine to close. Though a small vein was mined in a nearby location after WWII, it was not active for long with production stopping fully by the 1960s. 

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