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Size (mm) / Weight

205x86x60 / ~2,400g


Hardness / Fineness: 4+ / 3-

Tajima is lesser known than other midgrits - Aizu, Natsuya, etc. - but is no less stellar. These stones are very hard and slightly finer than most midgrits. They excel as sharpening stones for a wide range of applications. For razors and tools they can be used to bring new life into a well used apex raising a very small and consistent burr that is readily refined by finishing stones. For kitchen knives Tajima is an ideal stopping point providing a clean edge that is both keen and aggressive for a wide range of kitchen tasks. My preferred method of sharpening is to start with a forced slurry and dilute that slurry as I go finishing on clean water to fully deburr. These are some of my favorite sharpening stones for knives.

For polishing, tajima can be used in the same way as most other nakatoishi. It is more challenging to achieve a very even finish with tajima than aizu, but after subsequent stones the difference is non-material. With patience and practice, tajima can be used to create very detailed near mirror polishes that are intriguing on their own. 

Aesthetics & Other Notes

This stone displays classic Tajima characteristics such as pale blue / grey coloring with green and black speckling throughout. The lines on these stones are color only and do not effect performance. 

This stone will be sealed prior to shipment in clear lacquer unless specifically requested to be left unsealed. 

Tajima ( 但馬砥)

This mine was not located in the Kyoto area. It was mined frequently prior to the early 1940s when a mining accident caused the original mine to close. Though a small vein was mined in a nearby location after WWII, it was not active for long with production stopping fully by the 1960s. 

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