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Ohira Uchigumori

Ohira Uchigumori

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Size (mm) / Weight

202x76x29 / 1,076g

Hardness / Fineness*

3-4 / 4+


With no lines or inclusions and an easy-going hardness, this stone is easy to use and quickly leaves a pristine scratch free kasumi. It offers consistent, creamy feedback that makes it a joy to work with. The stone is two sides with one side being slightly firmer than the other. 

Uchigumori excel as polishing rather than sharpening stones. Although they will also leave very nice edges for kitchen knives, just more slowly than some other stones. This stone will leave a contrasty kasumi which hides scratches and leaves the surface of the bevel appearing wet. Uchigumori are at their best when paired with honyaki (especially tamahagane) or in applications where a matte finish is desired. 

Ohira uchigumori are growing increasingly difficult to source and very clean examples like this antique stone are very rare.

* Please check our FAQ for an explanation of our hardness and fineness values

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