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Ohira Ao / Aka Renge Suita

Ohira Ao / Aka Renge Suita

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Size (mm) / Weight: 207x75x34 / 1240g

Hardness / Fineness: 4 / 4


One of the most interesting and beautiful stones we've come across. This Ohira suita is two sided, with on side being an exceptionally pure ao renge stone and the other a more classic aka renge shirosuita. 

Ao renge suita can be glassy, reactive, and not particularly fine. Users typically put up with these characteristics not only because of their gorgeous aesthetics, but because these stones tend to cut quickly and leave fantastic edges and a strong mirror effect on core steel during polishing. This ao renge is better behaved than most! Not only is is extremely clean with no lines or inclusions, but it has great tactile feedback and manageable reactivity (it is still reactive).


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