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Ohira Akapin

Ohira Akapin

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Size (mm) / Weight

192x69x25 / 737g


Hardness / Fineness: 2- / 3-

Akapin is the shallowest layer of Kyoto stone and the softest as well. This example easily self slurries and cuts even the hardest low allow steels with ease as a result. It has exceptionally soft / chalky feel that will never feel hard or glassy. While I prefer harder stones for edge sharpening, if you prefer creamier feeling stones, this is the choice for you. It is not overly fine, finishing in the 4k range. Suitable as a transition stone moving from synthetics to finer naturals. It will dish faster than other natural stones so that will require your attention. It will leave a very matte white kasumi on hard steel and a consistent scratch pattern on soft cladding or jigane. This stone has my highest recommendation for honyaki as well. While some enjoy akapin for razors and tools, I think it is best suited for knives. 

Aesthetics & Other Notes

This stone has a mottles orange and red color. Muted when dry, it is apparent when wet. There is no part of this stone that is toxic.

This stone has been thoroughly sealed with traditional lacquer. 

Ohira (大平, Oohira, Ohirayama)

A Western mine famous for Uchigumori and the quality of its suita. Although the mine is still occasionally worked, it is increasingly challenging to find uchigumori and Ohira suita available for export. Reportedly, many togishi are worried about the long term supply of quality uchigumori stones.

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