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Vintage Natsuya

Vintage Natsuya

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Size (mm) / Weight

213x79x65 / 2,415g

Hardness / Fineness*

5- / 2+


These Natsuya are vintage-mined from a large lot of Sun Tiger branded stone. These are harder and finer than most stones sold as natsuya today. These stones are hard and are therefore a little trickier to use to their highest potential, but are extremely rewarding once you figure them out. These stones excel at easing scratches from mid-grit synthetic stones and leave a very refined easy to manage polish in place. Natsuya also burnish exceptionally well and are capable of hyper detailed polishes that highlight the grain structure in iron or steel cladding. For knives that see heavy use, this type of polish is ideal compared to much more refined polishes that show scratches from cutting more easily. With patience and care they can also leave very nice toothy edges. 

This example is one of the best we've ever tested. It leaves a very refined polish that could easily be followed up by a soft / fast suita but retains tactile feedback that is superior other Natsuya of equal refinement. Typically the patterned stones are out performed by their more subdued colleagues, but this is an exception.

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