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Narutaki Awasedo

Narutaki Awasedo

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Dimensions (mm) / Weight

200x72x23 / 830g (stone only)


Hardness / Fineness: 5 / 5

While the stone is an excellent clean, hard, & fine finisher - suitable for razors, tools, and knives - it truly excels at high level polishing. The kasumi finish is very detailed and reflective with the surface having almost holographic depth. An excellent example of why Narutaki are prized as finishers in a sword polishing progression. I have finished kanna and sharpened razors on this stone with success as well. 

Aesthetics & Other Notes

The coloring is an unassuming yellow that I would not quite call kiita based on the slurry. The stone is stamped and comes with a carved wooden dai. The surface stamps are significantly faded after testing but the stamps on the sides remain intact. There is a thin, even layer of kawa. The stone is not sealed.

Narutaki (鳴瀧, 鳴滝)

An Eastern mine producing finishing stones prized by togishi for jizuya. Confusingly, the same term often is used to describe the region where Eastern mine stones are produced. 

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