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Nakayama Suita

Nakayama Suita

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Hardness / Fineness: 4+ / 5-

This Nakayama suita is slightly unusual amongst its siblings in that it is relatively easy to use with knives. It is soft enough to not feel glassy or grabby and has a very smooth, almost elastic sharpening feeling despite being a rather firm and fine stone. The speed is very good for a stone this fine. This stone creates a bright kasumi polish with ample detail and surprising contrast for a finer stone. While not the finest grained Nakayama suita I have used, I have tested this stone as a finisher with razors and found the edge comfortable. There are no major lines or su to worry about as you use the stone over the years. This is an exceptional, no-nonsense example of Nakayama awasedo.

Aesthetics & Other Notes

The stone is extremely consistent pale yellow coloring that falls just short of my standard for kiita - I would call it tamago. There is some layering towards the bottom that is creamy grey. There is a thin layer of kawa on the bottom side.

This stone is sealed with lacquer and comes with the original retail box.

Nakayama (中山)

This Eastern mine is famous for its finishing stones, awasedo. Stone with kiita coloring from multiple strata are particularly prized by carpenters and sharpeners alike. Compared to stones of similar hardness and fineness from other mines, Nakayama stones are known for having a more pleasant sharpening feeling.

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