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Nakayama Nashiji Tomae

Nakayama Nashiji Tomae

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Size(mm) / Weight

287x93x35 / 2,170g


Hardness / Fineness: 5- / 4+

This large stone pulls off a trick that Nakayama does so well - be very fine yet rather quick and soft feeling. Requires no tomo nagura to get going and does not grab soft cladding. Cuts quickly and leaves a very refined polish. The generous size makes sharpening long blades as easy-as-pie. 

Aesthetics & Other Notes

This kiita nashiji has several pale grey lines that cannot be felt. There is a very feint karasu coloring that appears to get more prominent as you work down through the stone. 

Nakayama (中山)

This Eastern mine is famous for its finishing stones, awasedo. Stone with kiita coloring from multiple strata are particularly prized by carpenters and sharpeners alike. Compared to stones of similar hardness and fineness from other mines, Nakayama stones are known for having a more pleasant sharpening feeling. All authetntic stones bearing the famous Maruka stamp are from Nakayama.

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