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Nakayama Maruka Suita

Nakayama Maruka Suita

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Dimensions (mm) / Weight

208x75x47 / 1,760g

Hardness / Fineness*

5 / 5


Rare large Nakayama suita bearing the Maruka stamp. This stone is very fast and fine and a dream to finish on. Suitable for any all applications requiring a fine stone - tools, knives, and razors. The line on the left hand side can be felt but does not cause scratching or damage to steel. I have dug that line very slightly resulting in easy use of the entire stone surface.

For razors in particular this stone is rather interesting. Not only is it a sublime pre-finisher with dilute slurry or plain water is can finish very well also. 

This stone comes with a wooden kiri box and is sealed with clear lacquer.

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