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Nakayama Maruka Kiita Nashiji

Nakayama Maruka Kiita Nashiji

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Size (mm) / Weight: 183x64x22 / 611g

Hardness / Fineness: 4+ / 5-

 Nakayama Kiita deserve their reputation as some the best finishing stones money can buy. They are typically fine, clean, fast, and useful for everything from sharpening kanna for kezurou-kai competitions to polishing kitchen knives.

 Beautiful, authentic Maruka stamped kiita stone from the Nakayama mine. Mined in the 1950's. This stone has a dreamy yellow and orange base adorned with nashiji throughout the surface. 

The sharpening feel is otherworldly with firm base and yet silky smooth feel. It almost defies logic as the user feels as though the stone is self slurrying more than it actually is. Black swarf is instantly released and the stone just keeps cutting while maintaining that amazing tactile feel. 

That being said, this stone is rare in that it can be used with ease on knives, razors and tools. 

Kasumi finish is dreamy with great contrast between the hagane and jigane, something that is rarer in these super fine, harder Nakayama. I found the jigane to be a darker shade than I initially anticipated, which was a very pleasant surprise.  

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