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Nakayama Kiita

Nakayama Kiita

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Size(mm) / Weight

182x62x21 / 587g


Hardness / Fineness: 5 / 5

Despite being very, very hard this stone is easy to work with. It is fine enough to finish a razor yet easy enough to use that it is suitable for knife work as well. It feels softer and smoother than the true hardness would imply. Without nagura or diamond plate the stone will release no slurry but metal shavings will quickly be visible. The size makes it perfect for razor work, but it is also suitable for single bevel sharpening as well. If your blade is well prepared it will also give a very refined kasumi polish. 

Aesthetics & Other Notes

This kiita is not as vibrantly yellow as some, but has good coloring with some redder patches. There is nashiji patterning throughout and very sparse goma. There is chiseled on the bottom surface and a small amount of ochre kawa on one side. 

The stone is unsealed. The side stamps are intact but the top surface has been lapped true and conditioned for razor honing and the stamps are no longer present. 

Nakayama (中山)

This Eastern mine is famous for its finishing stones, awasedo. Stone with kiita coloring from multiple strata are particularly prized by carpenters and sharpeners alike. Compared to stones of similar hardness and fineness from other mines, Nakayama stones are known for having a more pleasant sharpening feeling. All authetntic stones bearing the famous Maruka stamp are from Nakayama.

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