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Nakayama Iromono Koppa

Nakayama Iromono Koppa

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Size (mm) / Weight

170x55x36 / 865g

Hardness / Fineness*

4+ / 5-


This stone is very fine and quite hard, but like many Nakayama awasedo, very user friendly. The cream colored base has orange and yellow tones throughout. This stone is very useable on the bench and is well suited for polishing, final sharpening, and even razor finishing. The thin grey line through the middle can be felt with higher pressure, but does not cause scratching. Those newer to natural stones may find this stone more comfortable used with a forced slurry or tomo nagura.

The polish tends towards mirror core with good contrast and a hazy cladding.

* Please check our FAQ for an explanation of our hardness and fineness values

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