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Nakayama Mitsu Asagi "sumingashi"

Nakayama Mitsu Asagi "sumingashi"

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Size(mm) / Weight

195x70x33 / 1,205g


Hardness / Fineness: 5 / 5

This asagi from Nakayama is a dream finisher for razors, tools, and knives taken to extremely high levels of polish / edge refinement. The stone is very hard, but is manageable - especially if used with a forced slurry or Nagura. Polishes are very bright and detailed, but contrast is retained. Ideal for micro-bevels and uraoshi for single beveled blades.

Aesthetics & Other Notes

This pale grey asagi has a faint sumingashi (ink on water) pattern throughout the stone. There are no lines or inclusions visible. The bottom of the stone has a lovely, even layer of kawa. The stamps on the surface of the stone have since been worn away through testing, but the stamps on the side remain prominent. The stone is not sealed.

Nakayama (中山)

This Eastern mine is famous for its finishing stones, awasedo. Stone with kiita coloring from multiple strata are particularly prized by carpenters and sharpeners alike. Compared to stones of similar hardness and fineness from other mines, Nakayama stones are known for having a more pleasant sharpening feeling. All authetntic stones bearing the famous Maruka stamp are from Nakayama.

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