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Mikawa Nagura

Mikawa Nagura

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Size (mm) / Weight

223x76x43 / 1562g

Hardness / Fineness*

4+ / 4-


 Bench sized nagura are interesting stones. In general, they are very grit consistent and rather fast, finishing a hair finer than Aizu but less fine than a soft Kyoto suita. They are excellent stones for erasing synthetic scratches marks that are 3k or finer before moving to fine finishing stones.

They are rather hard stones that can be tricky to use. They act very differently depending on the amount of water used and their surface preparation. The slurry and first polish picture show the stone and resulting finish with the nagura having been worked with a worn Atoma 140. The stone cuts more quickly and leaves a hazy polish with good contrast. The second polish photo shows the polish that comes after burnishing on the stone with water and no slurry. The details in the iron are far more apparent.

* Please check our FAQ for an explanation of our hardness and fineness values

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