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Maruo Ao Suita

Maruo Ao Suita

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Size (mm) / Weight

133x63x10 / 192g


Hardness / Fineness: 3+ / 3+

Forgiving it's adorable size, this koppa is an excellent example of ao suita from Maruo. It is not too hard, not too fine and suitable for a wide range of applications. It will finish sharpening on kitchen knives and serve as a pre-finisher on tools and razors. This size, though not at all large, is suitable for razors and polishing of kitchen knvies, even large ones. It would not be my first choice in size for tools or edge finishing for knives. 5-6k equivalent grit.

Aesthetics & Other Notes

No lines or su to worry about. Blue grey coloring with a smattering of namazu and very sparse aka (red) renge. 

This stone is not sealed but remains fully stamped. 

Maruo (丸尾山, Maruoyama)

One of the few that continues to be operational, this Western mine is renowned for its soft shiro suita. This mine is also well regarded for its shiki uchigumori (tenjyou suita), ao suita, and aisa-layer stones. Once widely available and relatively cheap, increased demand has outpaced supply making these stones harder to get and more expensive than just a few years ago. All things considered, however, they are comparatively still quite attainable. 

** I'd recommend a wooden base for this stone for more solid sharpening. Shoot me an email and I can arrange that for modest cost. 

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