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Ohira Tenjyou Renge Suita

Ohira Tenjyou Renge Suita

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Dimensions (mm) / Weight

205x75x49 / 1,865g


Hardness / Fineness: 3+ / 4

This stone is exceptionally high quality - true heirloom grade stuff. It is entirely sunashi and devoid of lines toxic or otherwise until the bottom few mm. The stone is a point and shoot kasumi finisher and provides great feedback in sharpening. This stone does everything one could want from a suita. 

Example of the finish in a full polish. 

Aesthetics & Other Notes

The stone has a split colored base with dark grey-blue and yellow "yake" coloring. The stone, thus far, performs the same from edge to edge regardless of coloring. There is renge patteringing throughout and hints of karasu as well. Exceptionally clean and beautiful. 

Ohira (大平, Oohira, Ohirayama)*

A Western mine famous for Uchigumori and the quality of its suita. Although the mine is still occasionally worked, it is increasingly challenging to find uchigumori and Ohira suita available for export. Reportedly, many togishi are worried about the long term supply of quality uchigumori stones. Due to the premium that comes with Ohira suita and uchigumori, it is not uncommon to see stones from other mines stamped or sold as Ohira. 

* I originally had this stone listed as "Honyama" despite a strong feeling that it was an Ohira suita. After further back and forth with the seller and additional testing, I am confident that this is, in fact, and a stone from Ohira and am willing to label it as such.

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