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Gyuto 228mm by Bryan Raquin

Gyuto 228mm by Bryan Raquin

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I am thrilled to offer some knives from French bladesmith, Bryan Raquin. Bryan's work has a distinctive, tool-first aesthetic that is instantly recognizable. He perfroms each step of the process, from lamination to handle making, in house. His blades have a deserved cult-following across the world. 

Blade Materials

This gyuto has a core of 145sc clad in XC10. 145sc is a very high carbon low allow steel made by Achim Wirtz. It is Bryan's preferred core steel and his treatment of it is well regarded. XC10 is a very low carbon mild steel. Compared to iron, it has improved toughness and corrosion resistance. 

Handle Materials

The handle is Bryan's typical burnt oak. These handles feel tremendous in hand offering superb grip even when wet. 

Other Notes

This gyuto features Bryan's coveted "kitchen tractor" workhorse grind. This offers a robust cut feel and excellent food release. The low wide bevel is subtly convex for strength at the edge but remains thin enough to still offer excellent cutting performance. 

The bevel is stone-worked by Bryan for a kasumi finish. This will make the long term maintenance of the blade significantly easier as the bevel is already evened out and you can easily follow the shape of the bevel as set by the maker on stones. For those seeking a more refined polish, hours of coarse stone work have already been done. Despite being a mild steel and not an iron, XC10 usually takes a very contrasted polish and often, but not always, has ample banding.

This blade will come with one of Bryan's mythical BbRrrAaaAPpp! cookies.


Edge Length  228mm
Height @ Heel


Weight 193g

 5 mm to 1.3 mm

Steel 145sc @ ~64 hrc 

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