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Atagoyama Awasedo

Atagoyama Awasedo

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Size (mm) / Weight

221x83x70 / 3,060g


Hardness / Fineness: 4 / 4

Despite its unassuming appearance this stone is a delight to use. The generous size gives and extremely stable sharpening feeling and the purity of the stone ensures a lifetime of consistent results. This is a workhorse stone that could last a professional craftsman many years of sharpening and polishing and a hobbyist at least a lifetime. The stone is firm, but not so hard as to be too difficult for less experienced users. With forced slurry it is fast enough to erase 6k synthetic scratches and leave a pleasant kasumi and can be refined further into a fine glossy finish. This stone is suitable for a wide variety of applications ranging from knives to tools and razors. 

Aesthetics & Other Notes

The stone is a consistent dark green / brown color with subtle patterning. The entire 3kg+ of the stone is very consistent - this stone will last a lifetime of heavy use. The stone has faded stamps on the surface and is sealed in cashew lacquer. 

Atagoyama (愛宕山)

This mine produced stones from the Chu-ishi naori that are typically large and clean. Mount Atago is frequently thought of as the center of the Kyoto mining-area. 

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