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Ashitani Renge Suita

Ashitani Renge Suita

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Size (mm) / Weight

219x80x36 / 1,530g


Hardness / Fineness: 2+ / 4-

Keeping with the reputation of the mine, this stone is soft, fast, and less fine than many suita. The feedback is pleasantly chalky and the stone will work up a fair amount of mud even with lighter pressure. On very soft iron the stone will leave a visible scratch pattern while on hardened steel the finish is a very matte and iridescent kasumi. Given it’s relatively low hardness, this is not a stone I would recommend to users whose primary interest is sharpening carpentry tools or razors, it is best suited for kitchen knives. This Ashiya is, however, very well suited to polishing of modern steel honyaki. It will also serve as a luxurious first stone in a polishing progression transitioning from 3k+ synthetics to fine natural stones. 

Aesthetics & Other Notes

This stone has a cream base color and is packed with swirls dense blue, purple, and red renge as well as splotches of pink and karasu - it is truly a site to behold! While there is a line running through the center of the stone, it is not toxic and is only on the very surface. The remainder of the stone is extremely clean with no visible su or lines on the sides of the stone. The exception is the final 2-3mm of stone which appear to have quite a bit of su - I would consider the useful life of the stone to be 2-3mm less than the stated height. Overall this is truly a superb example from Ashiya.  The stone is stamped and sealed.

Ashiya (芦谷, Ashidani, Ashitani)

A Western mine known for producing soft and manageable suita. Stones from this mine are extremely uncommon.

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