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Ashitani Renge Suita

Ashitani Renge Suita

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Dimensions (mm) / Weight

207x73x29 / 991g

Hardness / Fineness*

4- / 4


Stones from Ashitani (Ashidani / Ashiya / 芦谷) are not commonly seen. This suita is a particularly beautiful example that has multiple colors of renge and a base that ranges from cream to deep orange. Thankfully, the stone's performance matches its beauty. It has an excellent creamy feedback with just enough chalkiness to let you know that it is abrading appropriately. It yields a matte kasumi that is beautiful on its own or a great base for further refinement. This stone does not require a nagura or forced slurry.

This stone is stamped and sealed.

* Please check our FAQ for an explanation of our hardness and fineness values

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