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Size (mm) / Weight: 210x64x36 / ***

Hardness / Fineness*: 4 / 3


Aizu are terrific mid-grit stones that offer some of the best balance of bite, refinement, and retention amongst all kitchen-knife stones. They range from mint-green to creamy-white and are typified by the presence of white spotting and, usually, black renge patterning.

Like most Aizu, this stone is quite hard and does not readily self slurry. However, it cuts efficiently so long as the surface remains wetted. Ideal edges and useful as a stone to convert synthetic scratches (3k range) into easier a smoother base for further natural stone polishing. You can increase cutting speed and polishing comfort with a forced slurry.

* Please check our FAQ for an explanation of our hardness and fineness values

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