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Aiiwatani Kiita Nashiji Tomae Koppa

Aiiwatani Kiita Nashiji Tomae Koppa

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Size (mm) / Weight

115x70x23 (max) / 331g


Hardness / Fineness: 4+ / 5-

While just large enough on the surface to be functional for small sharpening tasks, this stone's shape makes it best suited as a luxury tomo-nagura for larger bench stones. The stone is very fine and not too hard, making it an ideal slurry donor for extra fine and hard bench stones. 

Aesthetics & Other Notes

The stone shows kiita coloring with a full layer of nashiji. The back is uneven.

This koppa is not sealed. 

Aiiwatani (相岩谷, 相岩谷産, 岩谷, Iwatani, Iwadani, Ai Iwatani, Aiwadani)

This prolific Eastern mine produced stones known for being hard and fine. They are frequently marketed as a cheaper alternative to very hard Nakayama awasedo used for finishing razors and carpentry tools.

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