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Aiiwatani Kiita Nashiji Namazu Tomae

Aiiwatani Kiita Nashiji Namazu Tomae

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Size (mm) / Weight

208x81x37* / 1,430g


Hardness / Fineness: 3 / 4-

Aiiwatani tend to be rather hard and better suited for tool and razor progressions and sharpening as compared to polishing or kitchen knives. This stone is an exception. It is soft, easy to use, and will leave a deep matte finish. It will convert 3k synthetic scratches to a pleasing kasumi. The edges are also good for kitchen knives, finishing in the 5k range, a good alternative to softer suita. It is very grit consistent and will leave a very clean core steel with a very faint and consistent scratch pattern in softer iron cladding. You can jump from this stone to your finest finishing stones during polishing without issue. For tools and razors this stone could be used as a pre-finisher but cannot replace a fine awasedo. 

Aesthetics & Other Notes

The stone and its slurry are a deep yellow color with splotches of subtle green. there is an even layer of nashiji patterning cross the surface and some benign lines highlighted by bright yellow namazu. While the sharpening surface will decrease slightly over time due to the shape of the stone, the surface area is more than generous enough for this not to be a concern  for the usability of the stone. The back of the stone is stamped and shows some kawa. This stone is sealed on the four sides with glossy cashew lacquer. 

Aiiwatani (相岩谷, 相岩谷産, 岩谷, Iwatani, Iwadani, Ai Iwatani, Aiwadani)

This prolific Eastern mine produced stones known for being hard and fine. They are frequently marketed as a cheaper alternative to very hard Nakayama awasedo used for finishing razors and carpentry tools.

* due to the shape of the stone, the sharpening surface will decrease slightly over time

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