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Ohira Suita

Ohira Suita

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Size (mm) / Weight

220x80x75 / 3,261g


Hardness / Fineness: 4 / 4+

With a creamy yellow base, well defined layers, renge / sumingashi patterning, smooth feedback and refined consistent grit, this stone is the embodiment of the Ohira suita archetype. Edges from this stone are well suited for kitchen tasks, especially single bevel sharpening for the portioning of raw proteins. For those who prefer finer edges, the stone makes for a terrific general finisher. This stone could certainly serve as a finisher in most tool applications as well. While I did achieve a very keen edge with a razor, I think most would prefer to finish on something slightly finer in that application. For bevel work, the feel is extremely creamy and supple, despite the stone being not overly soft. It engages with a range of steels and cladding materials well and is a predictable performer that reliably produces a fine iridescent kasumi. The line running up the side of the stone and across the top can be felt, but does not cause issues during sharpening or polishing. 

Stones of this size are exceptionally rare. Purchasing a stone such as this represents a lifetime (and quite probably subsequent lifetimes) investment. 

Aesthetics & Other Notes

As alluded to above, this suita shows many characteristic Ohira features - renge, faint sumingashi patterning, creamy yellow and white base coloring, and defined layers. The is a consistent layer of kawa across the bottom surface. 

The stone is sealed in clear lacquer.

Ohira (大平, Oohira, Ohirayama)

A Western mine famous for Uchigumori and the quality of its suita. Although the mine is still occasionally worked, it is increasingly challenging to find uchigumori and Ohira suita available for export. Reportedly, many togishi are worried about the long term supply of quality uchigumori stones.

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