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Size (mm) / Weight

212x64x60 / 1,736g


Hardness / Fineness: 4- / 3-

Like most Aizu, this stone is quite hard and does not readily self slurry. However, it cuts efficiently so long as the surface remains wetted. Ideal edges and useful as a stone to convert synthetic scratches (3k range) into easier a smoother base for further natural stone polishing. You can increase cutting speed and polishing comfort with a forced slurry.

Aesthetics & Other Notes

This stone displays pale mint-green coloring (as well as a grassy minty smell) with pale white dots throughout. There is ample black renge also which in my experience is also indicative of a softer Aizu.

This stone is sealed.

Aizu (会津砥)

This mine was located not around Kyoto, but further north near Fukushima. These stones are perhaps the most coveted mid-grit, nakatoishi, coming out of Japan. These stones are typically pale blue to minty green with white spotting and occasionally black renge. This mine closed in the 1950s due to health problems amongst the mining staff.

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